Wedding Morning Preparations at Moore Place Hotel

The day began in Apsley Guise at the beautiful Moore Place Hotel, a stunningly converted 18th century Georgian manor house. The setting was just perfect for a relaxed and luxurious start to the day, and the atmosphere when I arrived was calm and happy – there was a really good energy in the room, and the incredible weather really helped to set the mood for the day. I couldn’t believe how warm and sunny it was for mid-October, we got really lucky! The very talented Ugly Duckling Cosmetics were working hard when I arrived doing Jess’s hair and make-up – doesn’t she look incredible?! I took a few shots of the gorgeous details before Jess got into her dress, and then everyone gathered round to see her all ready for the first time – her Mum and her friends were so proud of her!

Wedding Ceremony at Eversholt Hall

As a recommended supplier at Eversholt Hall, I have shot there many times, and in many ways it’s a very familiar setting for me. But I’m always very interested to see how it will be decorated each time I go, as there is always something new and interesting going on at each wedding which means I never know quite what to expect. I really love that – the familiarity of the venue, staff and surroundings is very comforting, but the excitement of seeing all of my couples’ visions brought to life on the day never gets old! The thing which was most impressive about this wedding, is that Jess had done pretty much everything herself! The decorations, stationery, confetti, flowers, even the cake! I have to say, it looked amazing, and I’m sure all of her guests really enjoyed all of these personal touches.

The ceremony was beautiful – I’ve never seen more big smiles all in one room! There was so much warmth and love in the air – I felt really lucky to be there and to be part of such a wonderful atmosphere. 

After the Ceremony

After the ceremony it was time to mingle with family and friends, throw some confetti, and take some group photos. The weather was so gorgeous, everybody was really happy to be outside! I’ve rarely had such a fun time doing group photos! The groomsmen all lifted Dave up for a picture, and although that’s not too uncommon for the groom’s party, I’ve never had a bride volunteer to try it before! Jess and her bridesmaids gave it a great shot! It may have been slightly dangerous at one point… but no one was hurt, the dress stayed pristine, and we ended up getting some great, memorable photos for Jess, Dave and their friends to enjoy.

Couple’s Portraits

For some of my couples they prefer to stay at Eversholt Hall itself to get their portrait shots, which is of course completely fine by me – I’m there for you and whatever you need on your big day! But for those who want to explore slightly further afield, there are loads of amazing spots right next to the venue, and Jess and Dave are both very sporty and athletic, so were completely up for clambering into a nearby field for some photos, even with Jess’s dress and veil to consider. I’m so glad they did though, cause it was such a beautiful and secluded spot, and just absolutely PERFECT for their couple’s portraits! It’s ridiculous how excited us photographers get when we spot a good field nearby!

Wedding Breakfast and Speeches

When we returned to Eversholt Hall the wedding breakfast room was ready, and looking great! Dave and Jess opted for all round tables rather than the traditional long top table, and they were seated with their friends, which was a nice change and felt just right for them and their day. The speeches were the perfect mix of emotional and hilarious – you can see from the photos that there was a lot of laughter and definitely some tears as well.


There was plenty of dancing to finish the night off in style – it was a great party! From the first time I met Dave and Jess at their engagement shoot I saw straight away how much fun they were, how much energy they had, and how much they clearly adored each other. I knew from the amazing time we had on their engagement shoot (and the epic photos we got!) that their wedding was going to be even more exciting, and I was definitely right. Their wedding was the perfect mix of classy yet fun, emotional yet relaxed, and filled with love and laughter from start to finish. Congratulations you two, you smashed it!

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