How do we book you to photograph our wedding?

Once you have confirmed your wedding date with your chosen venue, please do get in touch with me to make an initial enquiry. You can fill out the contact page on my website, email me directly, or give me a call.

It’s great if you can give me as much information as possible so that I can start building a picture of your day and the sort of things which are particularly important to you – so if you already know your date, your venue, which of my pricing packages you’re interested in, and the style of wedding you are hoping to have, that’s all great information to pass on at this stage. Hopefully, there is lots of information throughout my website which will help you when making a decision on your wedding photographer, but if you still have any initial questions for me then do feel free to ask me anything at this point! I also offer all couples a pre-wedding meeting (and normally an initial phone chat before this too) to go over things in more detail and to get to know each other better. Once you are happy that you’d like to book me, I just ask for a signed contract and a deposit of £250 to secure the date in my diary.

What is your style?

I would describe my style as mostly relaxed, informal and natural. I’m not one of these wedding photographers you may have come across who spends the whole day shouting at people trying to get them organised for photos! I remain mostly in the background just snapping away in a documentary style, making sure I capture all of the key moments and all of the little details which you’ve put time and energy into. I'm more than happy to explore different ideas and styles which you like when it comes to your photos, so if you have a particular vision or specific idea for the type of photos you'd like me to achieve then please do let me know and I'll always be really happy to take these shots for you.


Do you have a spare camera/equipment if something went wrong with your main camera/lens?

Yes, I have two camera bodies that I shoot with on the day and always bring a spare body with me as well just in case of any accidents/technical issues. I have a whole host of lenses which I bring with me as well so have plenty to work with if anything was to go wrong. I also bring spare batteries and memory cards, and inside each camera I have two memory cards, so that if one was to fail, the other one would have the images safely stored.

Are you insured?

Yes, I am fully insured with both professional indemnity and public liability insurance. 

When do you start photographing and how long would you stay at the wedding?

Unless you are booking my half-day package, all other wedding packages involve a full day of wedding photography – generally speaking this means I will be there from whenever your bridal preparations start through to just after your first dance in the evening approx. 10 hours (but if you have any bespoke timings which you’d like to discuss then I’m always happy to chat about different options for this). If you book my half day package, you are able to choose a 5 hour window of time during the day for me to photograph.

What are formal group photos and how many groups should we have?

Generally speaking, my style is quite relaxed and informal and I love capturing loads of natural moments throughout the day, but most couples will want some more “formal” or “official” shots of various different family groupings that can make lovely presents and can be framed for family members after the wedding. The day itself can be such a blur that it’s nice to make sure you’ve got at least one picture with all of those family members who are closest to you.

I tend to recommend doing these shots after the ceremony, before the reception, and it’s important to make a list in advance of the different groupings you would like, so that we can keep that part of the day as slick and smooth as possible. If you give the list to me in advance I will have this with me and can help to gather people together, but what I really need is a key family member (normally this is a great job for one of the ushers!) who can gather people and get them ready, as of course I won’t know who everyone is so need a little inside knowledge to help! In terms of numbers, there is no real set number as all families are different, but it’s always advisable to keep the number of shots as low as possible so that you can get on with enjoying your day. It’s also important to say that if you are not keen on having any formal family shots these are absolutely not mandatory!

How many photos do we expect to receive and when? 

I am photographing constantly throughout the day so you can rest assured there will be a lot of photos for you to enjoy! I normally say to estimate around 300 photos for a half day and 600 for a full day, but if I have more than that which I think would really add to the collection then I will always include these at no extra cost. Timings-wise, please allow 6 weeks for your photos to be ready to view – this will usually vary depending on the time of year and how much work I have on (for example, a wedding in January would normally have a faster turnaround time than a wedding in the middle of August).

Do you require a meal on a day?

Although I would never say this is a mandatory requirement, I really do appreciate a meal on the day if possible, as it’s a long day and a hot meal really helps to top up my energy levels and make sure I’m ready and raring to go for the second part of the reception. Often venues offer a separate food option for suppliers which is more affordable, so it’s worth checking that with your caterer as I certainly don’t require a 3 course meal – just something simple to keep me going! You don’t need to worry about saving a table place for me, as normally suppliers will eat somewhere separate to the main wedding breakfast.

When should we book an engagement shoot if we wish to have it?

Engagement shoots are so much fun and really help us to get to know one another and practice various types of shots ahead of the wedding day, helping to build both your confidence and our rapport. I’d generally recommend a shoot around 3-6 months before the wedding, or if you’d like to use the photos on save the dates etc then you may wish to do it sooner than that.


What happens if you are ill?

First things first, this has never happened yet and it would have to be something very serious for me to miss your wedding, so fingers crossed this will never be an issue! But of course, nothing in life can be guaranteed, so I would let you know with as much notice as possible and would of course ensure you were given a full refund of both your wedding balance and the deposit paid. I have a good network of other local photographers who I could call on to take my place, and am also a member of various Facebook networks of other professional photographers who can be approached for last minute stand-ins, so I would do everything in my power to help you find a suitable alternative. You would of course be more than welcome to source your own alternative too if there is someone who you particularly had in mind.

Can I get a wedding Album?

Absolutely! I offer two packages (silver and gold) which come with a wedding album included, but if you book the bronze package and later change your mind I can go through album pricing with you as a separate booking – you can also wait until after you’ve received your photos to do this. If you book the silver or gold package and later decide you’d like some additional albums, we can also look at adding these on for you and again I will take you through the various costs involved depending on the style and size of album you are looking for.

Wedding albums are such a lovely way to keep your photos together and beautifully displayed, to look back at for years to come and to share with friends and family who come to visit.

How far do you travel?

Anywhere! Included in your package price is travel within an hour’s drive of Leighton Buzzard, but I am more than happy to travel further afield for your wedding as long as travel and any necessary hotel costs are added on for anything beyond this.

Do we need a 2nd photographer?

Most of the weddings I shoot are without a second photographer and most people feel this is sufficient to capture all of the key moments of your day. However, there are of course limitations to where I can be at certain times of the day - for example I often won’t be able to get any photos of morning groom preparations if I’m photographing the bridal preparations in a different location – so if you are having a particularly big wedding or just feel that you’d like more angles to be covered and that a 2nd photographer is right for you, we can absolutely book this in for you at an additional cost of £450 for the whole day or £250 for half day coverage!